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Great journeys fantastic places!




Tour planning is one of the most time-consuming and stressful processes. While everything could seem as going according to plan, problems might arise out of nowhere. We, at Ethio Journey, understand the intricacy involved in tour planning. As such, we have equipped ourselves with professional and experienced staffs that are ready to manage everything required for your travel. With us, you don’t have to worry in any capacity about your travel plans. We are devoted to make your dream travel real.



We have a variety of rental cars that can fit any need you might have– whether it is a big van for a vacation or a small car for a simple outing. We have mini buses, coach buses, coaster buses, 4wd land cruisers, single and double cab pickups, vitz, corolla and many others. The best thing about our car rental service is that you can rent a car for a long period or a short period as you require for a very reasonable price. In the much packed car rental business, it is hard to find a place that offers brand new cars for a sensible price. But with us, you can be completely sure that we will provide you with the best vehicle that suits your particular need for a reasonable price.
Meklit Building 1st Floor, Bole Sub city, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Hours: Monday to Saturday in the time frame of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.



We know that in a demanding work like tour, travel, and car rental, there is a need for the most experienced and professional employees to make the work smooth and efficient. At Ethio Journey, that’s exactly what we provide. We have the most trustworthy and professional drivers, an experienced staff for our customer service, and other professional staff members that help us satisfy our customers on every level of work we do.



We, at ETHIO JOURNEY TOUR TRAVEL AND CAR RENTAL p.l.c, are here to protect you from any kind of worries you might have with regards to touring and car rental. Travel planning is a painstaking process, in which one mishap has the ability to totally wreck your plans. But we can guarantee you that it won’t happen with us managing every single thing. We only want you think about the amazing time you will have at the particular destination you chose without ever thinking about hotel booking or transportation issues. We will oversee everything so that you can get the dream journey you have wanted.